The guesthouse

Guesthouse Filter offers 4 rooms, 2 of them – three-seated and 2 – four-seated. Every room has got a separate bathroom and a TV set. One of the rooms has a balcony, which shows a great panorama of the village and the surrounding nature. There is a common kitchen and a living room in a typical rhodope style with an attractive fireplace. We also offer free park places and WiFi connection. The house is suitable for groups of 8 to 14 persons who are looking for silence, clean air, beautiful nature and unique sights.

Come to our house in the summer to get a full relax away from the urban noise and heats, to spent your vacation days with your friends and family in this cozy house in the heart of the Rhodope Mountain – the unique village Shiroka Luka. Come to us in the winter to practice winter sports in Pamporovo – one of the best ski centers in Bulgaria, only 12 km. away from the village. You can use a skilled ski-instructor. Enjoy the wonderful winter landscape – what is the typical vision of the village at this season. Come and see the beautiful spring and the charming autumn in Shiroka Luka! Available are all the tourist routes in the Perelik part of the Rhodope Mountain, and also a mountain guide. We also offer off-road tourism and paintball games for groups up to 10 persons.

Come when you want and you will like it so much, that you will come back again and again!
There is a discount for groups and long period of staying.

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